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Triumph Rocket III

So it's a nice day in March and we pop into Pure Triumph to see if they have the Rocket III to test ride and if so when. Dom says "yes lads, is tomorrow ok?", fear falls on Marc and I's faces as it gets real, we are going to have to test ride it. We walk out and the two of us are genuinely scared for the next day. Marc is nominated to ride it first (by me as I am way to scared to go first), Marc finally gets to sleep at 3.30am and I'm sure dreams of the ride ahead.

It's the next day and it arrived way to quickly for my liking. I stop at Marc's first for a chat and coffee. We get all the camera kit loaded in to the back box and off we go. We arrive and Dom runs through all of the bike details and also trys to ease the nerves (which was very kind of him). Dom also goes through the settings and it's very similar to the scrambler which I really like so all good there. Dom also points out the stearing lock which some people might think is odd for me to point out but when you have a keyless bike and there is a push button lock I think thats a good thing.

We are having a quick chat before we depart and I ask Marc if we are going to have the intercom on for this ride or just chat into the mic, we go with just chat. Off we go I'm on my bike and Marc is on the Rocket and he looks really confident from the start. I can't hear anything he is saying but we are doing country lanes and the bike is looking awesome.

After a while Marc pulls in for fuel and says the words I have been dreading "your turn". I hop on and notice straight away that there are a group of 4 lads watching pressure. I pull out of the garage and I'm sure that Marc will have to spend time bleeping out what I'm screaming as I pull away and have the full understand of how much power that there actually is. I can quite honestly say after watching some of the footage back it is the quietest review I have ever done. I am that busy trying to think about the bike there are times that I forget that I am meant to be talking (which is very unlike me).

I can happily say that after a while of riding the Rocket and getting used to the amount of power and other things like the midway pegs and how quickly you need to shift gears when gunning it from 1st to 3rd, it is an awesome machine and I really want one.

There is only one problem I don't have the money to buy one and if I did I would hate the idea of it being stuck in a garage for most of the year. Don't get me wrong the times you did get out you would be the happiest person on the planet and I would be the one watching you being very jealous.

The bike video be uploaded soon and we will also be filming the final thoughts so please do keep popping back.

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