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Going Electric

So here's the question "do we like electric bikes"? I very nearly said electric motorbikes but that wouldn't be right would it???

I have questioned this since I first heard of them and like everybody else the idea of not hearing that engine (take a moment to remember your last tunnel...ahhhhh), instantly made me say NO. And that's firmly where my opinion stayed until the dreaded day happened, the day when your told "you are test riding a Zero electric bike". I was angry I very nearly said no but at the same time part of me was saying ok lets go and prove myself right, ride it and hate it.

Well like all my best plans that fell flat on it's face as well, like a complete muppet I only went and enjoyed it didn't I. I took the Zero SR/S and Marc took the Zero SR/F both handled really well with an awesome centre of gravity. The throttle was spot on giving you instant speed and no lag in corners. The display and modes were the easiest I've ever used which a lot of piston bikes could learn from. I know what your thinking, yes John but where was the sound, that amazing rumble and pop when you drop the throttle and you would be right there is none of that but for the time you are on it it's the last thing you think about (until you see a tunnel that is).

So should you run out and buy one??? Here's the thing, if I lived in London or was doing 30 miles to work and back then yes. If I lived in a country that was always sunny or maybe a small Island, then yes. If I had the money sitting in my bank account and I didn't need it, then yes. I'll be honest I'm sad that I can't just buy one as I'd love to have it for small blasts because it's great fun. I'm also glad that I got to ride one as I'm not so against them when they do take over. They are awesome and I'm sure more people that had the same opinion as me should have a go and see for themselves.

I should point out that if you go and buy one you will need to find others with electric bikes to go with out with. Let's be honest here if you don't your biker mates will pick routes that are over your range and are full of tunnels.

End result is I want one but not just yet.

Let us know your thoughts.

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