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Enhanced Riders Scheme

So Marc and I were visiting Wheels Motorcycles and Chris from Shires Motorcycle training says hello. We head up to see him and we start talking about training after passing your test. Chris mentions the ERS and how this can really help a new and old rider with things like, reading the road, what gear to be in and so so so much more like IPSGA.

Chris then said we should do it and both Marc and I said yeah that's a great idea, Chris got his diary out, fear and panic hit us both that once again we would be judge on our riding ability or lack there of. The date was set and we headed back home chatting on the way back of how rubbish we were going to do and wondering if Chris had the ability to take our licenses away lol.

We turned up on the day and were both more than a bit nervous. Chris ran through everything that was going to happen and put our minds at ease (a bit). We went through all the paperwork and it was at that point we were introduced to the world of IPSGA






Let me tell you just learning that was well worth doing the ERS as it has made 2 riders much safer on the roads. From where you need to be on the road to what gear you need to be in to go into the turn and more importantly out of it.

We are putting a video together that will be interview Chris and give you more insight into IPSGA and how it can help you and everyone on 2 wheels.

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