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2021 Road Trip (much needed)

So the plan is to do a road trip of epic proportion (well maybe not epic but should be a good laugh). Starting in Northants somewhere and travelling across to the east coast where we will stay over night. There are some amazing roads and we are lucky enough to have someone that rides them quite a bit to follow behind. We then all have an evening of food, drink and laughs ready for a ride up the coast the next day (not to early though and after a good breakie). This then repeats for 3 or 4 days upon which we return to Northants.

You are more than welcome to only join for a day or 2 if you wish and you don't have to stay where we are (although will be more fun I would imagine). 125cc's are more than welcome as it's not a race just a great few days riding with like minded people.

There is a post on the chat section of the website but you do need to be a member, where we will be discussing best dates for everyone and also where we can work out numbers.

Please do get involved as the more the people the better.

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