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Bit of a blog

So it's been awhile since we did a blog and I have 5 minutes to myself as the kids are now both fast asleep and the other half is watching Love Island Australia. Mark has just uploaded a new video which is great he is really getting some good content out there while I'm on limited time as I have turned into a house husband, school teacher and also play school supervisor (which I am very much enjoying by the way), this doesn't leave much time for 2 wheels though BOO.

However Marc has properly stepped up to the plate and done some great videos and I really want to get involved in the Left Right game, which if you haven't seen stop reading this and watch it straight away. If you get stuck trying to find the videos they can all be found on this website under videos or vlog one or the other. It should be said watching the videos has been hard as hated not being out with my buddy on rides and having a good old chat. Marc has also invested in some also wizardry for his computer which makes editing easier and better which is why there are some really cool new bits on the videos and also bits that cover the speedo (can't think why we would need to do that, little finger on bottom lip like doctor evil).

Lockdown has been difficult on everyone though and the ability to get out on 2 wheels for a social ride or just do what you enjoy doing has been a massive release on everyones mental health. I always thought I was quite a strong minded person but my god has this been hard work. I didn't realise how much I enjoyed just chatting with Marc on our rides and getting everyday rubbish out that I know he will understand and more than likely laugh at where other people (the wife), will take it extremely seriously and want to talk about it in a lot more detail and for about 4 hours. To have all of that boiling over yet at the same time deal with everything else has been a real struggle but just sitting on the bike starting her up and heading off has been just amazing and to drop a test ride in as well was awesome (even if I didn't really get it, please watch the Tiger Video).

So thank you Marc for being there and also coming over and picking up memory cards because I've forgotten to bring them round because I'm rubbish and for spending time editing videos but most of all being the voice inside my lid that listens and also makes me laugh. Here's to many more rides ahead.

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