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Triumph Bobber

So we arrived at Pure Triumph in Wellingborough to test ride the Speed Triple 1050 Dark and the Bobber. I have had my eye on the Bobber for a while now and was really looking forward to taking it out and possibly trading in my trusty Sprint GT 1050. Now before you say anything I totally understand that these are 2 very different bikes and should not be compared but you should know that I am more than likely going too.

I took to riding it really well in fact I was in love with it after about 50m of road. It had good torque and handled like a dream and I honestly think it's a bike that would make even me look good (had I been wearing bike jeans and a leather jacket and not my normal textiles and full face helmet).

It does feel small at the front if you're not used to riding a naked bike but that doesn't take long to adjust too. It's a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be going over the bumps with ease and looks after you when you hit a corner with a pothole or lump. The sound is that of dreams and most of my time was either spent slowing down then speeding up or just pottering so I could hear that low pitch thumping sound. The performance was not shabby at all so you don't need to worry about needing that extra bit to get you out of trouble or out of the traffic. It has all the toys that you would want and more with modes that include road and rain and cruise control, not that I thought about using that once as was way to busy enjoying riding it. Fuel tank will hold about 120/130 miles depending on the roads and how you are riding it.

So it sounds like I should be signing on the line and buying one right? So if you have a spare £10k sat in the bank doing nothing and that's the sort of bike you are looking for or are luck enough to be thinking of a second bike then yes, yes it is (also a wife that will let you have 2 bikes...I do not). My issue is I use the Sprint to do trips over 100 miles and it just ticks every box and I am a bit of a Triumph fan. I have thought about the Tiger but not really down with the sitting position as yet but might take one out to see if that just in my head.

I would say a massive thank you to Pure Triumph for looking after us and also very much looking forward to seeing the new refurbed showroom. I would recommend going in and seeing the guys if you are interested in a Triumph. Take a look at their website for all the bikes and accessories that they have

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