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Marc falls for the Speed Triple R Dark

Hi so lets start this off with how I became the second half of free ride beans.

I was doing my direct access course I was on my second lesson and the other person on the lesson happened to be John we started chatting throughout the day we both had a lot in common mainly the love for everything two wheels.

We exchanged phone number and that’s where as my wife and kids would say the bromance began.

Ok now to the topic at hand.

It was a lovely warm sunny day we had arranged to go for a ride and a coffee as we normally do when john isn’t busy designing kitchens for the stars or working on becoming the next Tom Hardy.

We had agreed to go and have a butchers at Pure Triumph Wellingborough.

Little did I know we were going to be test riding anything if I had I wouldn’t have left my licence at home (DOH).

Anyway, after a trip back to Finedon I returned john was already sitting on the bobber I then went inside and signed my life away.

I came out and was instantly in love with the look of the Speed Triple R DARK so much, so the chap was trying to explain all the settings, but I never heard a word of it.

He must have thought ignorant dickhead all I heard was this bike is mint and only has 485 miles on it (not for long buddy but more on that later).

I currently own a 2015 Street Triple RX now I love this bike with a passion only surpassed by my wife and kids now I get to ride its bigger brother.

So, sitting on the bike the first impression is of familiarity as you would expect.

push the start button she fires up with that recognisable triple whistle

now the bike is heavier than mine as you would expect but it really doesn’t feel that much.

So, as I’m getting familiar with the controls, I’m blipping the throttle it’s so responsive I’m thinking maybe this isn’t the best of idea.

Anyway, I kick up the stand pull in the feather light clutch knock it into first gear and away we go.

Within the first few hundred metres it felt so smooth and the seat was so comfortable as we pulled onto the main road the feel of power and torque was immense but not intimidating which did shock me seemed I was worrying for nothing, don’t get me wrong this bike is a true hooligan but doesn’t have to be.

We head out towards Wollaston and get to open the bike up as we overtake a slow moving lorry but to be honest on this machine most other things on the road are slow.

A quick twist of the throttle in second gear sees the front end go light but not really lift.

The bike is hugging the road with the Pirelli Supercorsa tyre’s.

Chewing up and spitting out the bends as they come and go the plush ohlins suspension makes this bike handle like a dream soaking up every bump big or small.

I did feel more weight on my wrists compared to my STRX but what did shock me was the fact the fly screen was smaller than on my bike but seamed to offer a lot more wind protection.

I would happily tour on the Speed the only thing it was missing I felt was a quick shifter and auto blipper and although it only had standard exhausts it sounded lovely but arrow slip-on’s would sound immense.

Time had come to return to Pure triumph Wellingborough.

I think John was happy about this as it would stop me gushing in his ear ( about the bike over the intercom ).

If you have made it this far well done thank you for taking the time to read my first blog

A massive thank you to Pure triumph Wellingborough for lending us the bikes to test hope to do a lot more in the future

And thank you to my partner in crime

Bye for now ride safe.


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