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Why Follow or Subscribe to Freeridebeans

Now theres a question and to be honest the answer I would first come up with is...I don't know. However if I think about the question as someone that isn't already part of FRB's then I find it very easy.

We are 2 fellas Marc and John that love everything about bikes and the community around bikes. Marc know's a lot more about all the tech stuff and also how they work and John well he just about know's how to ride them. Because of that you have a real mix when it comes to reviews and it works. They are also 2 great mates that want to have fun and build a group of like minded people that will grow with them. FRB's isn't about 2 people it's about the group it's becoming. This should be about what everybody wants to read about and watch. It's an open forum for people to question and answer. It would be great to see if we could arrange for people to meet up from time to time maybe at local/national events.

We know that there are other motorbike groups out there with more money better video equipment and more knowledge but we don't care. A lot of these groups have lost touch with who they are and also who the people watching and reading are.

Come and be part of a great group of people. Nothing heavy and you don't have to be 100% committed or a do or die fan, you just have to be interested in bikes and having a laugh.

So if that sounds like you then please sign up for our news letter on the Home page, like and subscribe on our YouTube channel and follow us on Social Media.

Twitter @freeridebeans

Instagram @freeridebeans

FaceBook @freeridebeans

TikTok @frbfreeridebeans (we did have @freeridebeans but we forgot the login details)

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