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We are over the moon

We couldn't be happier then we are right now. Both Marc and I have been looking for bike manufacturers and shops that we can buddy up with to give you guys the content that you deserve and also maybe some great offers a long the way. We have spent a long time talking to different shops and even driven many pointless miles just to be let down. However what a great result we have had, Pure Triumph in Wellingborough have agreed to work with us providing bikes to test ride, interviews with their team to answer any questions you might have and also some give aways when we start doing our Facebook live give aways.

This is a massive deal for us having just started out on our journey and we couldn't be happier as we both happen to ride and love Triumph. We would like to thank the guys in Wellingborough for their support and just their all round awesome attitude. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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